Low pH Instrument Cleaner


Neutra-Clean is a low-pH instrument detergent used for cleaning surgical instruments in hospital cleaning equipment, such as washer disinfectors, pasteurmatics and ultrasonics. It’s so effective it eliminates the need for an instrument bath. Neutra-Clean is safe on all soft metals, including aluminum, and will not harm rubber, plastic, stainless steel or any surface not harmed by water.


  • Low pH
  • Safe on soft metals, including aluminum
  • Safe on rubber, plastic, stainless steel
  • Eliminates need for instrument bath


Neutra-Clean can be manually or automatically fed at 14 to 56 mL per 4.5 L (1/2 to 2 oz. per 1 imp. gal.) of water. Neutra-Clean should be used only in temperatures between 60°C and 71°C (140°F and 160°F). Works well in hard or soft water.

Neutra-Clean’s container is a high-density polyethylene – a plastic that can be recycled.