Medzyme OP

Orthopaedic Enzyme-based Instrument Presoak and Cleaner


Medzyme OP is designed to quickly clean complex orthopaedic and arthroscopic instruments and other medical instruments. It’s a one-step product that eliminates the need for the extra degreasing soak. Medzyme OP dissolves grease, fat, blood and tissue, even in crevices and hard-to-reach areas. It is also effective and safe for use on flexible and rigid endoscopes, all accessories with lumens and other medical instruments. It has a unique blend of multi-enzymes and fat emulsifiers that start working on contact.


  • Medical-grade enzymatic formula
  • Removes protein, organic matter and fat molecules
  • Works on contact
  • Cleans quickly and completely
  • Leaves no residue
  • Neutral pH


Add 30 mL per 4.5 L (1 oz. per 1 imp. gal.) of water. For heavy use or adherent organic load, use 60 mL per 4.5 L (2 oz. per 1 imp. gal.) of water. Pre-soak instruments as required for 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse and follow standard decontamination procedures. If equipment is to be stored, dry thoroughly. Discard the solution after each use.

Medzyme OP may be safely disposed down the drain. The container is a high-density polyethylene – a plastic that can be recycled.

To complement the efficacy of our Medzyme detergents, we provide precision with our Medzyme dosing system. The Medzyme Pump is an easy-to-use liquid dosing system that delivers precise amounts of detergent into the sink, eliminating the variability of bottle mounted pumps.

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