Water-soluble Instrument Lubricant


Instra-Lube protects stainless steel surgical instruments against rust and corrosion by leaving a protective microfilm. It also lubricates and protects box locks, keeping them working freely. Instra-Lube is a non-aggressive formulation using safe, mild ingredients, making it gentle on instruments. It works well in both manual and automatic applications.


  • Protects stainless steel surgical instruments
  • Frees up box locks
  • Gentle, non-aggressive formula
  • Economical


Shake container before each use. Dilute 167 mL per 1 L (27 oz. per 1 imp. gal.) of water. In a tray, mix well. Soak instruments for 30 seconds, remove and let drain.

Depending on water quality, diluted lubricant bath may last up to 14 days. (Bath may need replacing more often depending on volume of instruments processed.) Keep air away from bath by covering tray when not in use.

Instra-Lube is not a sterilant. Instruments must be autoclaved following treatment with Instra-Lube.

Instra-Lube’s container is a high-density polyethylene – a plastic that can be recycled.