Formula 401

Septic Activator and Maintainer


Formula 401 is a powerful enzymatic and microbial formulation that is specifically designed to liquefy sewage waste into micro-nutrients which cannot re-solidify. Septic systems without management are often silent polluters of underground water, streams, rivers, and lakes. Work with us to help address this environmental problem. Formula 401 is non-caustic and will not harm pipes or fixtures.


  • Opens drains
  • Liquefies waste
  • Eliminates odours
  • Prevent clogs
  • Restores and accelerates biological action


OVERLOADED SEPTIC SYSTEM TREATMENT: To unplug an overloaded septic tank and drain field, pour 1 jar (400 g) into the toilet bowl and flush twice a week for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, follow the directions for septic system maintenance. If the problem continues, repeat septic system treatment for another 2 weeks.

SEPTIC SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: To maintain a household system for 5 or less people, use 2 tablespoons (30 g) once a week. If a garburator is used, increase maintenance application to twice a week.