Learn more about enzymes

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are large amino acid molecules. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, but unlike food proteins, enzymes are catalysts. Catalysts speed up chemical processes that would otherwise run slowly or be stagnant. They do so without being consumed or altered in the process.

Where are enzymes found?

Enzymes exist naturally in all biological systems, each with its own specific purpose. They exist in foods, whether plant or animal, and in all living organisms, including the human body.

Are enzymes alive?

Enzymes are not “alive” or mobile and do not reproduce. They do not create life where none is possible. The enzymes in our products lie dormant until they are applied to or come in contact with the substances with which they react.

What makes Sipco Bioengineering enzymes unique?

Unlike other enzyme-based products, our finished products do not contain live bacteria. Other manufacturers of similar products use live bacteria to produce the enzymes in their finished products.

Sipco Bioengineering Inc. creates innovative biotechnology in the enzyme fermentation process, resulting in superior products. This process has been formulated for a diverse spectrum of products used in different applications in agricultural, medical and commercial industries, as well as around the home.

Sipco Bioengineering’s multiple enzyme formulations are one-of-a-kind and use a proprietary process that ensures efficacy to the agricultural, medical, and commercial and consumer markets. These products are non-toxic, biodegradable and Earth-friendly.

Sipco Bioengineered enzymes are stable and have extended shelf life without discernible loss of effectiveness or deterioration.